100,000 Virginians Enrolled in Medicaid Program During COVID-19 Crisis

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Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services
More than 100K Medicaid Enrollees during COVID-19

More than 100,000 Virginians have enrolled in the Medicaid program since the COVID-19 health emergency began in March.

This crisis is still very much a reality. People are worried about getting sick. Thousands of Virginians have lost their jobs and health insurance.

We want them to know: We’ve got you covered.

It is important that they have access to preventive care, prescriptions and treatment for chronic conditions.

Virginia has waived co-pays for all Medicaid and FAMIS covered services, including testing and treatment for COVID-19. Most important, Virginians can apply for coverage year-round.

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Housing and Employment Supports Approved DMAS has received federal approval to offer housing and employment support services for Medicaid members who have significant behavioral and physical health needs. The new benefit will become available in July 2022 for Virginia Medicaid members ages 18 and older, contingent on approval and funding by Governor Ralph Northam and the General Assembly. The new services will include interventions to prevent eviction, transition support for individuals moving from an institution into the community, assistance to obtain an industry certification and job coaching.

The Virginia Medicaid agency will offer housing and employment services through its managed care program to individuals who meet criteria based on health needs and risk factors, including diagnosis of a developmental disability, serious mental illness or substance use disorder; chronic homelessness; a history of institutional admissions; and frequent emergency department visits. Click here for more. 

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